Cathedral Motorcycle Run Live Updates

06:35: Dessie and Elise have arrived successfully at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, with their organ recital starting at 7.00am.

07:00: The first organ recital of the day starts.

07:30: The first organ recital of the day has been completed successfully, and Dessie & Elise have just left Armagh, heading for Newry Cathedral.

07:54: Everyone has just arrived at Newry Cathedral for the next recital, starting at 8.00am.

08:00: The second organ recital of the day starts.

08:30: All is completed in Newry, Dessie and Elise are now heading for Down Cathedral, arriving at 9.25am.

09:10: The convoy has just arrived in Downpatrick for the third recital of the day.

09:22: Tuning up in Down Cathedral:

09:25: The third recital of the day starts in Down Cathedral.

09:59: Dessie & Elise have finished their third recital of the day, and are currently enroute to Dromore Cathedral.

10:25: Everyone has arrived at Dromore Cathedral for the fourth recital of the day with a special guest… Ray McCullough!!!

10:30: The fourth recital of the day begins in Dromore.

11:04: Dessie & Elise leave Dromore Cathedral, heading for Lisburn Cathedral.

11:21: Everyone has just arrived at Lisburn Cathedral for the fifth recital of the day!

11:25: The fifth organ recital of the day starts!

11:52: All is finished in Lisburn for Dessie & Elise, now for St. Anne’s in Belfast!

12:08 Dessie & Elise have just arrived at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast for the sixth recital of the day!

12:12: The sixth and final recital before lunch is now underway!

12:40: Everything is finished up now for lunch! We are back for the seventh recital at St. Peter’s Belfast at 13:45!

13:45: The seventh recital has just begun in St. Peter’s, Belfast!

14:28: Dessie and Elise are all finished in St. Peter’s! Now for the 71 mile trek to St. Columb’s, Derry / L’Derry, arriving around 15:40!

15:51: The convoy has made it safely to St. Columb’s!

15:56 The eighth organ recital in St. Columb’s begins!

16:20: The eighth recital in St. Columb’s is now finished and everyone is now heading for St. Eugene’s!

16:26: Dessie & Elise have now arrived at St. Eugene’s for their ninth recital!

16:30: The ninth organ recital is underway!

16:55: Everything is finished here in Derry / L’Derry! Now onto the 55 mile trip to Enniskillen!

18:50: Everyone has arrived safely at St. Macartin’s in Enniskillen for the tenth recital!

18:55: The tenth organ recital of the day begins in Enniskillen.

19:32: The convoy are now heading for Clougher Cathedral, after a successful recital in Enniskillen!

19:50: Dessie & Elise have arrived safely at St. Macartan’s in Clougher!

19:55: The eleventh and penultimate recital begins in Clougher!

20:29: The convoy has just left Clougher, enroute to the finale in St. Patrick’s COI Cathedral, Armagh!

20:55: Dessie & Elise have just arrived back in Armagh for their final recital!

21:00: The final recital of the day begins in St. Patrick’s COI, Armagh!

21:20: All over! Thanks for all the support throughout the day!

1) 7.00: Armagh, St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral
2) 8.00: Newry, Cathedral of St Patrick and St Colman
3) 9.25: Downpatrick, Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
4) 10.30: Dromore, The Cathedral Church of Christ the Redeemer
5) 11.15: Lisburn Cathedral
6) 12.05: Belfast, St Anne’s Cathedral
Lunch Break
7) 13.45: Belfast, St Peter’s Cathedral
8) 15:45: Derry, St Columb’s Cathedral
9) 16.25: Derry, St Eugene’s Cathedral
10) 18.40: Enniskillen, St Macartin’s Cathedral
11) 19.45: Clogher, St Macartan’s Cathedral
12) 21.00: Armagh, St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral