It is reckoned that Presbyterians have worshipped in Armagh since 1673. The congregation of First Armagh moved from Abbey Street to its present site on the Mall in 1879. It is a beautiful church, built in the style of the gothic revival with a spire 185 feet tall.

The story of the congregation contains the stories of Francis Hutcheson, the eighteenth century father of the Scottish enlightenment, Rev PS Henry, the first President of Queens University, Belfast, leading Victorian linen industrialist, Robert Garmony McCrum, his daughter Harriett, a pioneer suffragette, her brother William, who invented the penalty kick rule in soccer, Rev Robert H Boyd, missionary to India and Convenor of the Foreign Mission, Susan McKennell, a Missionary to Nigeria where she founded a home for orphaned twins, as well three former Moderators of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Jackson Smith in 1880, Alfred Neil in 1948 and Temple Lundie in 1974.